Astell & Kern Astell&Kern - 2nd Generation Cradle

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L'Astell&Kern 2nd Generation Cradle ne sert pas seulement de station d'accueil, mais permet aussi d'utiliser la fonction DAC USB de tous les A&K de seconde génération (avec le grand écran et la fonction WIFI) et de les charger.
Same Aluminum Body as the AK120Ⅱ:
Detailed design with a combination of light and shadow when shown at different angles takes on a different shape. The back design is reminiscent of the bridge of a string instrument. An aluminum connector provides a truly luxurious and perfect connection.

5 step adjustable angle:
Feel the edge in every angle step.
May be used with different tilt angles in 5 different positions.

Charging / USB DAC via USB cable:
Not only for use as a docking station, but also for use as a USB DAC and charging station.

Model: PEM11 / Astell&Kern AK120Ⅱ, AK100Ⅱ Cradle
Dimension: 71.45(W) x 124.2(H) x 52.7(D) (mm)
Weight: 370g
Step: 1 ~ 5 Step
Cable Data: 28awg Silver Plated OFC copper
Cable Power: 20awg Silver Plated OFC copper​
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Appelez 24/7 gratuitement
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