Audio Technica AT-OC9XEB - The next Generation of the legendary OC9 cartridge series

The Audio-Technica’s AT OC9XEB cartridge has been prized by demanding vinyl listeners and professional critics alike for its musical transparency, expression of sound and precise construction. An excellent affordable introduction to the characteristics that is moving coil.

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251.00 CHF(Bruttopreis: 279.00 CHF)
Elliptical Bonded Stylus:
Elliptical diamond stylus follows the groove modulation with greater precision compared to a conical stylus, offering improved frequency and phase responses whilst reducing distortion.

Easy mounting:
Threaded holes in the cartridge body enable the cartridge to be mounted on to the headshell, or integral tonearm, with just two screws M2.6 – no nuts or bolts required.

Aluminium Body:
Aluminum body minimizes unwanted vibration for reduced resonance and superior audio reproduction

Made in Japan:
Produced in the Audio-Technica Fukui factory in Japan under strict quality control for precise manufacturing.

Technische Daten ATOC9XEB:
Model: AT-OC9XEB
Befestigung: 1/2” centers / Threaded inserts
Frequenzbereich: 20 - 30,000 Hz
Material d. Gehäuses: Aluminium
Kanaltrennung: 25 dB (1 kHz)
Kanalbalance am Ausgang: 1.5 dB (1 kHz)
Ausgangsleistung: 0.32 mV (at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
Vertikaler Abtastwinkel: 20 degrees
Vertikaler Auflagekraftbereich: 1.8 to 2.2 g (standard 2.0 g)
Nadelschliff: Elliptical Bonded
Nadelabmessungen: 0.3 x 0.7 mil
Schaftform der Nadel: Bonded round shank
Nadelträger: Aluminium pipe
Spulenimpedanz: 12 Ohms (1 kHz)
Spuleninduktivität: 25 μH (1 kHz)
DC Widerstand: 12 Ohms 
Statische Nadelnachgiebigkeit: 20 x 10 – 6 cm / dyne
Dynamische Nadelnachgiebigkeit: 9 x 10 – 6 cm / dyne (100 Hz)
Anschlusspins: Brass
Spulendraht: PCOCC (Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting process.)
Empfohlene Lastimpedanz: Min 100 Ohms
Gewicht: 7.6 g
Abmessungen: 17.3 (H) x 16.8 (W) x 25.7 (L) mm
Beiliegendes Zubehör: 1 non magnetic screw driver,
1 brush; 2 washers,
4 pairs of mounting screws: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
1 plastic protector

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