Chord Electronics CPM2800 MKII - Symmetrischer Vollverstärker 2 x 120W und DAC mit HUGO Technologie

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Der neue Chord CPM 2800 Integrierte Vollverstärker, mit seinen 2 x 170W unter 4 Ohms, übernimmt alle fantastischen Technologien der SPM1200 und SPM1400 Endstufen. Wie alle Vorstufen aus dem Hause Chord ist auch er vollkommen symmetrisch aufgebaut und besitzt deren legendäre Volumen-Kontrolle. Er integriert eine verbesserte Ausführung des HUGO DAC!
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The Chord CPM 2800 digital integrated amplifier is a further advancement in our range of successful integrated products. The CPM2800 includes additional digital functionality directly issued from the incredible HUGO so direct and wireless connection of both digital and analogue source components can be accommodated.

Based on our advanced amplifier and preamplifier technologies the CPM2800 is enhanced with a coax, optical and USB digital connection and our unique digital bluetooth wireless system.
The power amplifier based on Chords tried and tested technology of ultra high frequency low ESR power supply has the ability to store a great deal more energy, and far more efficiently than conventional designs. This gives the amp enormous reserves of instantly delivered, precisely controlled power which is more than capable of controlling even the most demanding loudspeakers.

With the ability to select the pre outs and speaker outputs together or individually the flexibility of the unit allows it to be used as a pre-amp, on its own or with another power amp for bi-amping.

For the DAC section specifications, see the Hugo specs
Output Power:
2 x 120 W RMS into 8 Ohms
2 x 170 W RMS into 4 Ohms
2 x 220 W RMS burst into 4 Ohms
Pre-Output Connections:
1 x pair RCA-Phono outputs
Input Connections:
2 x pairs XLR balanced inputs
6 x RCA-Phono single ended inputs
Wireless balanced line construction
Manual with display system
Chord remote supplied as standard
Dimensions (mm): 420(w) x 135(h) x 355(d)
Weight: 17 Kg
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