Elipson Chroma-400RIAABT - Manual turntable mit Phonovorstufe und Bluetooth APTX HD

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The Elipson Chroma 400 RIAA BT Turntable with Bluetooth and a built in pre-amp is part of Elipson's new range of contemporary turntables. With the inclusion of a new tonearm, new engine and suspension system, this turntable is built for quality vinyl playback. Dust cover included.
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In 2014, Elipson launched the first Bluetooth Vinyl turntable on the market, 100% made in France. 6 years later, Elipson offers a new, complete range, while keeping the strength of the initial design of its vinyl turntable and the know-how of its French factory.

Alpha, Omega and Omega Carbon make way for Chroma 200 and Chroma 400 and Chroma Carbon.
Many improvements have been made to these three ranges:
arm lifts on all models,
new quieter engine and evolution of its damping decoupling
new two-piece top for better flatness
optimization of electronic cards 
new finishes 
Each of the boards will be delivered with a mechanical balance for an optimal adjustment of the cell.
Elipson is very proud to offer you all these improvements, without increasing the selling price of its decks.


Typ : Carbon
Zelle : MM Ortofon OM10
Auflagekraftbereich : 1,25 g (12,5 mN)
Nadelschliff : Nein
Antiskatingbereich : Nein
Abnehmbare Zellentür : Ja
Suspended Drehscheibe : Nein
Empfohlene Lastimpedanz : Nein
Rauschabstand : 82 dB (MM) , 76 dB (MC)
antriebantrieb : Belt drive
Motor : Digital
33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM : 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm
Artige Spannungsversorgung : Internal
Ausgangsspannung : Nein

Audio Anschlüsse

Interner Phono-Eingang : Ja (MM)
Cinch-Ausgang : Ja
Ausgang XLR : Nein
digitaler ausgang : Nein
Ausgang USB : Nein
Bluetooth : Ja APTX HD

Daten Anschlüsse


Zellgewicht : 6 g
Größe (HxBxT) : 120 x 450 x 380 mm
Zubehör : Dust cover and power cord
Veredelung : Black lacquered
Gewicht : 5,8 kg
Garantie : 2 Jahr
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