Final A-8000 - Dynamische Ohrhörer 16 Ohm

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Das Paar Beryllium-Mono-Driver-In-Ear-Kopfhörer Final A 8000, einschließlich 3,5-mm-Kupferkabel, fester Aluminium-Aufbewahrungstasche und 5 Größen von Silikon-Ohrhörern. Sehr vielseitig und besonders transparent, in der Lage, sich sowohl den Anforderungen von Musik mit einer breiten Tonszene (Jazz, Klassik) oder eingeschränkter (Rock) als auch ihren unterschiedlichen dynamischen Ansätzen anzupassen.
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Development of the A8000 began with reconstruction of physical measurement and subjective evaluation methodologies. Under the subjective evaluation methodology established at the time of D8000's development, the E Series achieved sound quality highly evaluated by many people and became a best seller. With the A8000, a new evaluation index has been incorporated into that subjective evaluation methodology. Among factors that determine sound quality for earphones and headphones, amplitude frequency response is predominant, but there are some sound impression cannot be explained by it. For example, the most critically evaluated aspect of classical music recordings is called transparent sound, a sound impression by which sound is very clear even it is localized at a distant location. We have been considering the realization of this sound impression to be extremely important for becoming uplifted by listening to music. We believe that the high evaluation of our D8000 headphones owes to the realization of such transparent sound. Until now, we have employed modification of the amplitude frequency response, known as tuning, to modify the sound of our earphones, but because it cannot make a great change to time response, it became difficult to achieve transparent sound through tuning. This time, with the aim of achieving transparent sound for earphones, final has developed its own proprietary Perceptual Transparency Measurement (PTM) evaluation methodology. As a result of evaluation and improvement of interrelations between principal components analyized by the results of subjective evaluation and data analysis of impulse response that could not be gleaned from frequency response in the past, an ideal diaphragm material that is extremely light and possessing high sound speed comprised of ultra-thin Beryllium foil (Truly Pure Beryllium Diaphragm) has been adopted for the A8000.

Adoption of Truly Pure Beryllium Diaphragm
The A8000 employs a diaphragm made from ultra-thin Beryllium foil (Truly Pure Beryllium Diaphragm), which is said to be an ideal diaphragm material due to its light weight and high sound speed. With a specific gravity of 1.85 and a sound propagation velocity of 12,900 m/s, second only to that of diamond, Beryllium has ideal characteristics for a diaphragm material. The adoption of pure Beryllium will lead to improved time response that greatly transfigures sound into transparent. The sharpness of sound build-up and the lingering resonance of the sound can be clearly felt, as can the silence between sounds. Crafting thin pure Beryllium foil is difficult. Our engineers had to struggle to make it stable enough for the product, but it can be said to be a valuable material that pays off our hard works. In order to realize transparent sound through such superior materials, the same high quality has been demanded of the other components of the drive unit as well as the design and manufacturing technology. We have succeeded in leveraging the experience of developing and manufacturing our own dynamic drive unit to draw forth the advantages of pure Beryllium. ※ In the past, a Beryllium diaphragm was created by vacuum deposition of a thin coat of Beryllium onto a resin film. This was effective as an improvement methodology, but the characteristics of the film remain predominant. When pure Beryllium is used as the only material for the sound producing part of the diaphragm, the sound and characteristics are completely different.

Aluminum & Silicone hybrid carry case, MMCX ASSIST, Ear tips (E type, 5 sizes), Ear hooks, Replacement dust filter


Technologie : Housing CNC Machined Stainless Steel
Kopfhörertyp : Driver 10.8mm Truly Beryllium /Dynamic Driver
Durchmesser lautsprecher : N/A
Frequenzgang : N/A
Impedanz (Ohm) : 16Ω
Autonomie : Ohne Batterie
Verwendung : Free
Kopfbügel verstellbar : Nein
verstellbare Hörmuscheln : Ja
Schaum austauschbar : Ja
biegsam : Nein
Kompatible iPod - iPhone - iPad : Oui

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Abnehmbare kabel : Ja
Kabellänge : 1m20
Mikrofon : Nein
Bluetooth : Nein

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Größe (HxBxT) : N/A
Zubehör : Aluminum & Silicone hybrid carry case, MMCX ASSIST, Ear tips (E type, 5 sizes), Ear hooks, Replacement dust filter
Veredelung : Stainless
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