Linn Majik-DSM + Majik-140 - A high-end performance audiophile system

6'759.00 CHF
Majik DSM:
The highly acclaimed bestseller, LINN MAJIK DSM with its 4K-compatible HDMI 2.0 inputs, has undergone a complete makeover for 2020. With an incredible new level of performance, new features and a new look, this highly versatile and accessible network music player will appeal even more to new Hi-Fi buyers looking for simplicity and authenticity, as well as to existing customers looking for high-end Hi-Fi in multiple rooms. It is AirPlay compatible and features a fabulous 24bit/192KHz DAC with 3 digital inputs including 1 new USB-B input, an extraordinary networked music player, a 2 x 100W (4 Ohms) amplifier, 1 analog input configurable as line or phono (MM) input. And you enjoy high definition Studio Master 24bit/192kHz quality recordings. This Majik DSM includes Streaming Tidal, Qobuz & Spotify services as well as the fabulous Space Optimisation room acoustic correction system. It is of course ROON compatible!

Majik 140:

The Linn Majik 140 is a 4-way floorstanding loudspeaker which delivers exceptional musical performance.
Special finish for loudspeaker: CHF 7'049.- incl. VAT

Offering higher performance audio, exciting new features and a fresh new look, this highly versatile and accessible network music player will have even greater appeal to bothfirst-time hi-fi buyers seeking simplicity and authenticity, and existing customers seeking high-end hi-fi in more rooms.

Key points
New DAC implementation derived from Katalyst, bespoke Class D power amplification and digital volume control
All the analogue, digital and wireless connectivity required to connect all sources, from TV to turntable

4 HDMI inputs make Majik DSM an ideal hub for all entertainment sources
Built-in MM hybrid analogue / digital phono stage architecture derived from Urika II
In-built WiFi for the highest quality wireless streaming with the convenience of no wires
Bluetooth for a simple way to get started playing music wirelessly
Type-B USB port to enables use as an audiophile quality standalone DAC

New headphone amp designed to power high quality headphones
Six customisable smart buttons offer immediate access directly from the product to pinned content
Space Optimisation technology uniquely tailors performanceto the individual room and speaker
Complete the system with Majik LP12 and Majik 109 or 140 speakers for high performance streaming and vinyl playback throughout (personalisation available for speakers and LP12 plinths)



Anzahl der Kanäle : 2x
Anzahl der Ausgangs Lautsprecher : 2x
Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung : Nein
Empfindlichkeit : 88 dB
Frequenzgang : 72 Hz - 20 kHz +
Bauprinzip : 3 way
Bestückung : Up to three-way multi-wire/amp passive; three-way Aktiv. 4mm banana plugs or spades
Anschluss : Fully passive
kompatible Formate : FLAC Up to 192k 24bit WAV AIFF AIFC MP3 AAC WMA (lossy) OGG VORBIS OGG FLAC ALAC bis 24 Bit - 192 KHz
Abtastrate : Bis 24bit 192k
: 100 W rms 4Ω
Ausgangsstrom Max (Spitze) : Nein
Typ DAC : Derived from Katalyst
Bridgeable : Nein
Interne speicher : Nein
Ripper : Nein
Verstärker Typ : Class D
Frequenzgang : Nein
Impedanz (Ohm) : Nein
Verzerrung (THD) : < 0.001%
Autonomie : Ohne Batterie
Stromversorgung : 110V-120V / 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Stromverbrauch : Nein
Artige Spannungsversorgung : Schaltnetzteile
Abklingzeit : Ohne Batterie
Tone Corrector : Ja
Optionale Module : Nein

Audio Anschlüsse

Cinch-Eingang : 1x (line or Phono MM)
XLR eingang : Nein
Eintrag jack : Nein
Interner Phono-Eingang : 1 MM
Eintrag HDMI : 4x HDMI 2.0 4K
Eintrag USB : 1x USB-B
Digitaleingang : 1x SPDIF - 1x Toslink - 1x USB-B
konfigurierbarer Eingang : Ja
Kopfhörerausgang : 1x 6.35mm
Cinch ausgang Pre out : 1x Line out
Meldeausgang : Nein
XLR Ausgang Pre out : Nein
Subwoofer-Ausgang : Nein
digitaler ausgang : 1x SPDIF (to configure)
Ausgang USB : Nein
Ausgang HDMI : 1x HDMI 2.0 4K
Sortie Exakt link : Nein
Online-Service : Qobuz - Tidal - CalmRadio - Spotify
Radio : TuneIn
WISA : Nein
Bluetooth : Ja
NFC : Nein
AirPlay 2 : Nein
AirPlay : Ja
Chromecast : Nein

Daten Anschlüsse

RJ45/Lan Port : Ja
IR in : Nein
IR out : Nein
Trigger : Nein
RS 232 : Nein
Control bus : Nein
WiFi : Nein
Software-Update : Ja
kompatible Anwendung : iOS und Android - Software zu PC Mac - Roon
Multiroom : Ja
Raumanpassung : Space Optimisation


Größe (HxBxT) : 100 x 350 x 350mm
Zubehör : Remote control and power cord
Veredelung : Black
Gewicht : 4.1 Kg
Garantie : 5 Jahr
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