Linn Selekt DSM - Netzwerk Musik-Player mit analogen Ausgängen und Katalyst DAC

6'630.00 CHF
Selekt DSM will revolutionise your interaction with digital music. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense. It will make your system sound better and it will help you fall in love with your music all over again.

As stunning to look at as it is to listen to, every element is precision engineered for the most authentic musical performance possible.

Feel the music you want to play. Selekt DSM’s jewel-like dial and smart buttons are ready to be personalised just for you, giving you immediate access to the music you want to hear, no matter the source.

Selekt DSM is designed to fit with your system and make it sound better, whatever your setup.

Choose from four configurations to find a model that suits your needs.
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Selekt DSM with Katalyst:
Make any separates system sound better with this dedicated streaming source

Adding Selekt DSM to your system will make it sound better.

Featuring our Katalyst DAC Architecture, digital sources are reproduced with greater precision than ever before, giving you greater insight into all of your music.

And with Space Optimisation technology you get the best possible sound from your entire system configured just for you, no matter what speakers you have or where they’re placed.

Selekt DSM includes a built-in pre-amplifier, enabling you to connect all your sources, including your turntable, to get better sound from them too… instantly.

Customisable smart buttons provide immediate access, directly from the product, to anything you want to hear - no matter the source. Streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, your turntable… the choice is yours. Of course this system is compatible with ROON !

With its modular, upgradeable design, your Selekt DSM can be adapted in the future as your needs change, by adding integrated amps and simplifying your system… just add speakers.



kompatible Formate : DSD, DXD, FLAC, PCM, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3, CD, WAV, WMA
Abtastrate : bis zu 24bit 192k
Typ DAC : Katalyst
Interne speicher : Nein
Ripper : Nein
Verzerrung (THD) : <0,002%
Autonomie : Ohne Batterie
Stromversorgung : 110V-120V / 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Artige Spannungsversorgung : Schaltnetzteile
Abklingzeit : Ohne Batterie
Tone Corrector : Ja (Space optimisation)
Optionale Module : Ja

Audio Anschlüsse

Cinch-Eingang : 1
XLR eingang : Nein
Eintrag jack : Nein
Interner Phono-Eingang : MM -MC
Eintrag HDMI : 1 Arc
Eintrag USB : 1 Audio Class 2
Digitaleingang : 2 Coax - 2 Optical
konfigurierbarer Eingang : Ja
Kopfhörerausgang : Nein
Cinch ausgang Pre out : Ja
Meldeausgang : Nein
XLR Ausgang Pre out : Oui
Subwoofer-Ausgang : Optionale Extras
digitaler ausgang : Konfigurierbar Optisch
Ausgang USB : Nein
Ausgang HDMI : Optionale Extras
Sortie Exakt link : 2
Online-Service : Qobuz - Tidal - CalmRadio - Spotify - Roon
Radio : TuneIn
Bluetooth : Ja
NFC : Nein
AirPlay 2 : Nein
AirPlay : Ja
Chromecast : Nein

Daten Anschlüsse

RJ45/Lan Port : Ja
IR in : Nein
IR out : Nein
Trigger : Nein
RS 232 : Nein
Control bus : Nein
WiFi : Ja
Software-Update : Ja
kompatible Anwendung : iOS et Android, Software pour PC et Mac, Roon, Control4, Crestron
Multiroom : Ja
Raumanpassung : Space Optimisation


Größe (HxBxT) : 113 x 350 x 350
Zubehör : keine
Veredelung : Schwarz
Gewicht : 7.2 Kg
Garantie : 5 Jahr
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