Shunyata HYDRA-DELTA-D6 - Netzverteiler mit 6 Ausgängen

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The Shunyata HYDRA DELTA-D6 power distributor provides compelling proof of Shunyata Research’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art performance at an affordable price. The D6 deservedly takes it place in our Performance Line of power distributors. For the first time Shunyata Research has incorporated its finest, most exclusive technologies into a package priced so affordably that it will redefine value well beyond its price. The Hydra Delta D6’s unheard of combination of measurable noise reduction, patented science, exclusive parts and limited life-time warranty will be impossible to find outside of Shunyata Research’s meticulously hand-crafted line of reference power distributors.
True to form, Shunyata Research wasted no time in applying its finest patented technologies and performance features – previously available only in Hydra Triton v2 and Hydra Denali models – into the affordable Hydra Delta D6 outlet model. In addition to offering enough outlets to power any complex system, the Hydra Delta D6 delivers a staggering > 40dB @ 1mHz. By any standard the performance of this unit represents a new benchmark for performance at and well beyond its retail price.

The Hydra Delta D6 deliver all this performance along with Shunyata Research’s signature DTCD® (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) technology, allowing it to be paired with an unlimited variety of electronics including high-current amps, projectors, digital front ends and entire systems.
The Hydra Delta D6 outlets are supported by Shunyata’s own cable-cradle system for the ultimate in grip and protected connection. The unit comes equipped with Shunyata Research’s finest Trident-Defense protection system, backed up by an uncompromising Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

The Hydra Delta D6 has six outlets. The unit has no limitations with DTCD® (instantaneous current) and is rated at a full 20A (16A on EU model). All outlets are extremely high-current capable.
The Hydra Delta D6 will deliver reference-caliber performance for all systems, whether primarily film, music, sound or recording.

Raising the bar for performance, value and customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind the design of Shunyata Research’s products for 20 years. The Hydra Delta D6 is the embodiment of Shunyata Research’s enormous progress toward those ideals.
MAXIMUM VOLTAGE: 90-125 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (US), 220-240 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (EU, ASIA)
INPUT CURRENT RATINGS: US/Asia maximum continuous current: 20A
– Euro maximum continuous current: 16A
OUTPUT CURRENT RATINGS: US/Asia max current/outlet: 15A, Euro max current/socket: 16A
TRANSIENT SUPPRESSION: Maximum transient protection: 40,000 A @ 8/50 μs
OVER-CURRENT PROTECTION: Hydraulic electromagnetic breaker
NOISE SUPPRESSION: Input to Output (100 kHz – 30 MHz): > 40 dB reduction, Outlet to outlet (100 kHz – 30 MHz): > 50 dB reduction
OUTLETS & CONNECTORS: Inlet: IEC C19R- US outlets: 6 NEMA 5-20R; AS outlets: 6 NEMA 5-20R, EU sockets: 6 CEE 7/3
WIRING SYSTEM: 8 gauge ArNi® VTX Buss system, 10 gauge ArNi® VTX outlet wiring, Ratings: 600 V 105° C
VIBRATION CONTROL: Vibration dampening panels (internal), AC outlet dampening gaskets, Shunyata Isolation Footer (standard), Shunyata Isolation SSF-38 Footer (optional)
CONSTRUCTION: All aluminum chassis, Anodized, brushed aluminum faceplate
DIMENSIONS: Width: 17 inches (43.2 cm), Depth: 9 inches (22.9 cm), Height: 4.6 inches (11.7 cm), Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.31 kg)
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