Shunyata OMEGA-XC - Strohm Kabel 2 Meter

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The Shunyata OMEGAXC power cord combines twenty years’ worth of evolved science, patented technologies and custom-engineered parts to deliver performance results that are both measurably significant and subjectively stunning.  More component than power cord, Omega XC  contains technologies that will redefine the performance capability of any high-resolution sound recording or film-based system. Performance results gained by the Omega XC explain why Shunyata Research power systems continue to be the most sought-after power line reference used within the world’s finest recording studios, medical imaging systems and scientific applications.
No power cord at any price possesses Omega XC's level of customization, patented tech or performance. More component than power cord, Omega XC contains technology previously available only in our reference Hydra Typhon and Denali-level power distributors. All Omega XC cables come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Each Omega XC is supplied with DF-SS Cable Elevators. See the specifications section below for more details.

The Omega XC is the ultimate performance cable for Shunyata Research power conditioners. Its massive 4 gauge VTX-Ag conductors are the largest conductors used in a power cord in Shunyata Research’s 20-year history.

The ideal application for the Omega XC would be to power the magnificent EVEREST 8000 power conditioner.

It takes us fifteen days to get your cables to the length you need from Shunyata. Click on "Request Information" above to get an offer. It takes CHF 418.- by 0.25 meter extra and per pair to get the length you need.
Conductors: 04 gauge VTX-Ag
Connectors: CopperCONN™ Pure Copper
Dimensions: Length: 1.75m
Weight: 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs)
Diameter: 41mm
Diameter cable: 32.8mm
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