Dynavector DV 20X2H - Moving Coil High Output avec Hard Aluminuim Cantilever

La cellule Dynavector DV20X2H High Output a un corps en alliage d'aluminium solide et une structure magnétique rigide similaire à la XX-2MKII. Le cantilever a une longueur de 6 mm de tube en aluminium dur avec un stylet Micro-Ridge.

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The magnetic flux Amortization and softened magnetism powerful neodymium magnets alongwith gives 20X2H healthy 2.8 mV output - suitable for most MM inputs. The 20X2L has the 0.3 mV output ideal for most MC phono stages.

For more than 35 years Dynavector have established an enviable reputation for producing affordable high quality moving coil cartridges. Notably high output models that are designed to work with MM inputs negating the necessity for equipment change or the use of setup devices required for low output cartridges. The outstanding performance of the Dynavector high output moving coil cartridges can be attributed to the exclusively Dynavector designed coil winding machine capable of utilizing extremely fine coil wire providing a high output to mass ratio.

DV-20X has a solid aluminum alloy body and a rigid magnet construction similar to XX-2MKII. The cantilever is a 6mm length of hard aluminum pipe with a Micro-Ridge stylus. The magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism along with powerful neodymium magnets gives the 20X2H a healthy 2.8 mV output - suitable for most MM inputs. The 20X2L has an output of 0.3 mV ideal for most MC phono stages.

Both high and low versions of their 20X2 are available ensure for the optimum end result. The high output model is well suited to valve preamplifiers or electronics that only offer MM inputs whilst the low output version offers superb performance when combined with dedicated moving coil inputs.

Caractéristiques techniques:
Type: High/Low output moving coil cartridge with flux damper and softened magnetism.
Output Voltage: 2.8mV / 0.3mV (at 1KHz, 5cm/sec.)
Channel Separation: 25 dB (at 1KHz)
Channel balance: 1.0 dB (at 1KHz)
Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz (± 2dB)
Compliance: 12 x 10-6 cm/dyn 
Tracking force: 1.8 - 2.2grams
DC resistance: 150 ohms / 5 ohms
Recommended load resistance:  > 1,000 ohms / > 30 ohms
Cantilever: 6mm length, hard aluminium pipe
Stylus: Micro Ridge Nude diamond
Weight: 9.2 grams

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