Wir halten eine grosse Auswahl an PSB-Lautsprecherboxen der Serie Imagine zu Vorführzwecken in unseren Showrooms bereit. Gerne lassen wir Sie Ihre Musik und Ihre Filme mit diesen aussergewöhnlichen Lautsprecherboxen neu entdecken.

Lautsprecher (Kompakt)

PSB Imagine B Bookshelf 8 Ohms/150 Watts

The Imagine B Bookshelf Speakers is the little brother to the Imagine T Tower Speaker, although not so little when it comes to the detail these speakers can bring out of your favourite music. Not only is this speaker an amazing performer, it has the looks to back it up. Every vertical face of the Imagine B is elegantly curved to make this speaker - and by extension the whole Imagine lineup - some of the best looking speakers you will ever see.

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1'339.00 CHF (das Paar)(Bruttopreis: 1'380.00 CHF)

Lautsprecher (Standlautsprecher)

PSB Imagine T Tower 8 Ohms/200 Watts

The Imagine T Tower Speaker is destined to become the standard of value among audio and home-theatre fans for whom real-world sonic performance is the benchmark of excellence. The Imagine T Tower Speaker is one of four new models from PSB Speakers. Compound-curved on every vertical face, and outstanding sonic performance makes this speaker (and the Imagine Series in general) a real "Class Leader".

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2'503.00 CHF (das Paar)(Bruttopreis: 2'580.00 CHF)

PSB Imagine T2 Tower 8 Ohms/300 Watts

With exceptional tonal accuracy and an elegant design, we have proved that even “class leaders” like the Imagine T Speaker can have a bigger and better brother. Introducing PSB Speakers Imagine T2 Tower speaker, a high performance, transitional 5-way tower speaker equipped with Triple Port Bass Reflex and subdivided discrete chambers. This tower speakers design offers a sound experience that rivals loudspeakers costing two to three times more.

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3'861.00 CHF (das Paar)(Bruttopreis: 3'980.00 CHF)

Lautsprecher (Mittelkanal)

PSB Imagine C Centre 8 Ohms/150 Watts

PSB created the Imagine family of speakers to be definitive music reproducers, both in stereo and in multi-channel playback, which makes them dazzling home theatre performers as well. Consequently, the family includes a centre channel model engineered from lessons learned while working on the Synchrony Series of speakers. The Imagine C Centre Channel Speakers uses the same drivers as the Imagine Series in a dual-woofer, horizontal layout. The Imagine C will astound you with how it handles itself in a multi-channel environment. Reproducing every last nuance of sound out of your movies or music.

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960.00 CHF (das Stück)(Bruttopreis: 990.00 CHF)
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