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Auralic Polaris - Wireless Streaming Amplifier 2 x 120W 8 Ohms

POLARIS defines the AURALiC brand: innovative technology, great sound, superb user experience, and excellent value. It is a wireless streamer, a music server, a DAC, a pre-amplifier and a stereo power amplifier – the ultimate solution for music lovers seeking high quality streaming from a single, compact audio component. It has seventeen inputs channels comprising streaming, digital and analog sources. The internal DAC, incorporating AURALiC Flexible Filters and Femto Master Clock, supports Quad-Rate DSDand PCM up to 32Bit/384K.

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Audiophile Musik Server-Player - DAC Digital-Analogwandler - Kopfhörerverstärker - Netzwerk Musik-Player - Vorverstärker

Auralic Vega G1 - DAC und Wireless Streamer PCM 32bit/384kHz und DSD512

The Vega G1 is a network player, converter, preamplifier and headphone amp. It has a design and implementation that has built Auralic's reputation for dematerialized music playback and digital to analog conversion. Its ease of use, its complete functionalities and its musical qualities make it a must for any high-end Hi-Fi system.

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Auralic Vega-G2.1 - DAC und Wireless Streamer PCM 32bit/384kHz und DSD512

The Auralic VEGA G2.1 is first and foremost a performance-focused DAC. Every aspect of the VEGA G2.1’s engineering has been designed to push the boundaries of sonic performance, reshaping data into a vibrant, emotionally rewarding musical performance — but its engineering is only half the story. The always-evolving architecture of the VEGA G2.1 combines high-end DAC performance and feature-rich online streaming, emerging as the heart of your digital source. While it may not house the ARIES G2.1 server capabilities, VEGA G2.1 streaming is based on the Lightning Streaming framework, so favorite AURALiC features like On-Device Playlists, Memory Caching, Gapless Playback, and Bit-Perfect Multi-Room are all at your fingertips. With support for every audiophile format and resolution up to 32bit 384khz PCM and DSD512, the stellar VEGA G2.1 is the embodiment of what high-resolution digital-to-analog conversion should be.

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Netzwerk Musik-Player

Auralic Aries G1 - DSD, DXD und PCM 32bit/384hkHz USB with dual purer-power linear power supplies

Four years after the release of the original ARIES, this groundbreaking streamer is getting a high-tech upgrade in the brand-new ARIES G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter. Infused with AURALiC technologies and designs developed for our premier G2 line, the ARIES G1 connects over Wi-Fi to digital sources like network attached storage, Internet streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz, Internet Radio, and USB drives to bring high performance streaming to your home audio system. On-Device Playlists, Memory Caching, Gapless Playback and Bit-Perfect Multi-Room functionality are among the features found in all AURALiC streaming devices, and with support for Spotify Connect, AirPlay, and Roon Ready, 

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Auralic Aries-G2.1 - Netzwerk Musik Player un Server bis PCM 32bit/384kHz und DSD512 USB with dual purer-power linear power supplies

The AURALIC ARIES G2.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter stands out as the most advanced, high-performance method for bringing truly cutting-edge streaming to your audio system that we’ve developed. Whether your music resides on your network, a USB drive, on streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz, or Internet Radio, the ARIES G2.1 provides endless options to explore your universe of music from our Lightning DS control app and take advantage of features like On-Device Playlists, Memory Caching, Gapless Playback, and Bit-Perfect Multi-Room functionality. With a supercharged Tesla G2 hardware platform, the ARIES G2.1 has the power to build a pure, bit-perfect stream for music formats up to 32bit/384khz PCM and DSD512 over Wi-Fi for truly exceptional sonic satisfaction. On its own or matched with other G-Series devices, the ARIES G2.1 redefines audio performance from a digital source.

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The Clock

Auralic Leo-GX.1 - Reference Master Clock

The Auralic LEO GX.1, our reference master clock, continues providing trademark levels of performance in digital audio clocking. Offering “beyond-measurement” levels of precision, results detected while listening: a much wider sound stage, pinpoint instrumental accuracy, and dynamic range beyond expectation. By circumventing the DAC’s internal clock, shielding the unit from noise with an internal copper enclosure, and utilizing a new advanced multi-spring suspension system available on all G2.1 products, LEO GX.1 will dramatically enhance your listening experience. The LEO GX.1 comes with Auralic's high-end internal cabling and clock-link cable, which reaches 60 GHz bandwidth to ensure optimal connection to the DAC.

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